This is a Rectify Series drop-in speaker system for late/current-run Intermountain ES/ET GEVo locomotives that come factory-equipped with a dual-sugar-cube. This Rectify speaker systems has a big, deep sound with detailed midrange and clear high-frequencies. The speaker uses a bit of double-sided tape or a touch of adhesive to mount to the frame. No modifications are needed to replace the factory speaker. You dont even need to remove the shell; simply pop-off the radiator top, remove the facory speaker and install the Rectify speaker using the factory wires! There's even plenty of room left between the motherboard/decoder and the Rectify speaker for a KeepAlive.


The speaker comes fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are: 12mmH x 18mmW x 56mmL



Intermountain GEVo ES/ET (current)

SKU: IMRH-ET44-087

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