LED Conversion Kit for Athearn Genesis SD70ACe.


Get rid of the dim, toy-like looking bulbs that never stay in place! These kits feature beautiful looking lenses - lit or unlit - with a simple and fast installation!


This two-light kit is made specifically for the tricky cab-mounted headlight with magnetic roof (SD70ACes with nose-mounted headlights can use the normal kit). Includes specially fitted front & rear lightpipe lenses and 1mm & 3mm heat-shrink pieces. You now have a choice of LEDs by selecting either pre-wired 1206 warm-white LEDs or the premium 1206 LEDs of your color-temperature choice with 12” of blue wire and 6” each of white & yellow wire (assembly required).


The assembly/installation guide can be downloaded here under “LED Conversion Assembly”: https://www.scalesoundsystems.com/guides

LED Conversion Kit - Athearn Genesis SD70ACe

SKU: LED-70ACe-Kit