This is a Rectify Series drop-in speaker system for Life-Like Proto 2000 E-Unit locomotives and reqires no frame modification or weight removal. This is the front-mount system of what could be a dual-system design. It mounts in the space behind the cab and leaves room to route the wires around it. The space where the factory PCB is mounted is available for a hardwired decoder installation.


You can use this system by itself or add the rear-mounted system, the LLPR-EUBK, for a bigger sound. These two Rectify Series systems can then be wired parallel for 4Ω or series for 16Ω loads to the decoder.


For the most low-frequency power and output, combine this front-mount system with a 16Ω LLPR-EUBK-CO8 Coeval Series rear-mount system. Wiring this 8Ω system with the 16Ω rear system in parallel results in a 6Ω load to the decoder.


The speaker comes fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are: 11mmH x 25mmW x 27mmL

Life-Like Proto 2000 E-Units (no-mod, front-mount)


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