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These are Rectify Series drop-in speaker system for Life-Like Proto 2000 E-Unit locomotives and require no frame modification or weight removal.


There are three different systems available:


E-Units with a short weight

Two speakers are available for these:

The LLPR-ESBK-RC1 rear-mount system mounts in the space behind the factory PCB and spans the rear coupler. The space where the factory PCB is mounted is available for a hardwired decoder installation.


The LLPR-ESFR-RC1 front-mount system mounts in the space behind the cab and leaves room to route the wires around it.


These two Rectify Series systems can then be wired parallel for 4Ω or series for 16Ω loads to the decoder.


E-Units with a long weight

The LLPR-ELBK-RC1 rear-mount system mounts where the factory PCB is. A recess behind the cab permits installaing a hard-wired decoder. You might be able to find room in the cab for a UFIT-Micro speaker.


Life-Like's later P2K E-units were fitted with sound and are the same as the current-run Walthers Proto E-units. For these use the WLPR-E8E9-RC1 speakers.


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are:

LLPR-ESBK-RC1: 24mmH x 30mmW x 18mmL

LLPR-ESFR-RC1: 11mmH x 25mmW x 27mmL

LLPR-ELBK-RC1: 16mmH x 30mmW x 27mmL

Life-Like Proto 2000 E-Units

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