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Read this full description prior to ordering.


These are new-old-stock speakers from a few years ago when all Rectify Speakers used the 11x15 driver. This event occurred due to a manufacturing defect in a large batch of the normal 13x18 SSS driver and all Rectify speakers temporarily switched to the 11x15 driver. These 11x15 SSS speakers still sound great, though they have slightly less power-handling and the sound isn't quite as "big" as the current Rectify offering. They will work particularly well with LokSound decoders.


I am offering these at a discount to clean up the shop inventory as they have been sitting in a box for around 4 years. Some of the enclosure designs vary from the current version but will still fit the intended model.


All speakers have been tested and function as intended.


The sale on these is final, with no warranty, exchanges or refunds available. Stock is limited to what is shown. No special orders.


The available systems and quantities are as follows:


3 AHGS-2860: front-mount speaker for various Athearns

3 AHGS-3850: Athearn Genesis GP38-50

4 AHGS-7915: Athearn Genesis GP7/9/15

2 AHGS-BOMB: Athearn Genesis B-Unit

1 AHGS-MP15: Athearn Genesis MP15

4 AHRR-1500: Athearn RTR SW1500

1 AHRR-G40X: Athearn RTR GP40X

2 AHRR-TM01: Athearn RTR early-run tunnel motor


2 ALMA-D8BE: Atlas Master (early) 8-32/40B

1 ALMA-D8CQ: Atlas Master (early) 8-32/40C

3 ALMA-H600: Atlas Master HH600/660

2 ALMA-MP15: Atlas Master MP15

3 ALMA-QSI1: Atlas Master QSI-frame

1 ALMA-QSI2: Atlas Master GP38/40 QSI-frame

1 ALMA-RS1B: Atlas Master RS1

2 ALMA-S1S4: Atlas Master S1-S4

1 ALMA-UNI1: Atlas Master Universal "deck-mount"

1 ALMA-UNI2: Atlas Master Universal "screw-mount"

1 ALCL-RS1X: Atlas Classic RS1

4 ALTM-GEN: Atlas Trainmain Genset (early)


1 BLIH-1500: BLI SW1500



6 BOWS-S402: Bowser SD40-2


2 IMRH-ES44: Intermontain ES44 (early)

1 IMRH-S402: Intermountain SD40-2


2 KATO-SD40: Kato SD40

1 KATO-P42 dual-set: Kato P42


2 RAPO-40CM: Rapido 8-40CM

1 RAPO-B36L dual-set: Rapido B36 low-nose

1 RAPO-FL9X: Rapido FL9

1 RAPO-FP79: Rapdio FP7/9 (iPhone speaker version)


3 RIVA-UCFR: Rivarossi U25/28C


2 WLPR-GP30: Walthers Proto GP30

2 WLPR-GP35: Walthers Proto GP35

3 WLPR-F702: Walthers Proto F-units (internal screw-mount)

4 WLPM-UNI: Walthers Proto/Mainline Universal


2 LLPR-1KFR: Life-Like P1K F-units

1 LLPR-ELBK: Life-Like P2K E-units (long weight)

1 LLPR-ESFR: Life-Like P2K E-units front-mount (short weight)

1 LLPR-ERIE: Life-Like P1K Erie-builts

1 LLPR-PA dual-set: Life-Like P2K PA


11 SXTH-UNI1: Scale Trains Universal #1

6 SXTH-UNI2: Scale Trains Universal #2


1 STEW-VO1K: Stewart VO-1000

Scale Sound Systems 11x15 Speakers

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