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The Universal Thunder-Range Rectify Series speaker systems come in a selection of larger-than-normal sizes. You can use these for applications that I do not offer a specific design for. More than just a box, the enclosures feature Diapasonic Tuning™, which allows the lower frequencies to accurately develop and resonate, clears the midrange of excess resonance and tunes the upper-mid/high response.


I designed the UFIT-2845-087 for Overland brass GP50/60 locomotives. I used strips of styrene L-girder glued to the inside shell to act as a shelf-mount for the system, which suspends above the rear truck and fills-in under the radiator fans.


The UFIT-5245-087 was designed for a New Zealand DQ locomotive.


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are:

UFIT-2845-087 20mmH x 18mmW x 45mmL

UFIT-5245-087 15mmH x 22mmW x 45mmL

UFIT Universal Thunder-Range

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