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Speaker Systems


Rectify Series

Redefining Single-Speaker Systems

The Rectify Series speakers are single-speaker models rated at 1W, 8Ω. They feature great, full-range sound with the stout, low-frequency response, detailed midrange and smooth high-frequencies that Scale Sound Systems is known for. If you prefer to operate your trains at moderate to low volumes, the Rectify Series will most likely satisfy.


Coeval Series

Class Leading Dual-Speaker Systems

The Coeval Series speakers are dual-speaker models rated at 2W, wired for either 4Ω or 16Ω. They build on the Rectify Series by increasing power handling and giving the low-frequencies an additional 3dB boost, while retaining the clear, detailed and smooth sound of the Rectify Series. If you prefer loud volumes or you simply want the additional low-frequency power boost, the Coeval Series is your answer.

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