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It Starts with R&D

A great sounding speaker system for your model locomotive doesn’t happen by accident. It requires the right speaker coupled to the right enclosure to optimize the broadest frequency response and smoothest sound.

Through extensive tests and acoustic measurements of dozens of components, I have found what I believe to be the highest performing drivers suited for model locomotive DCC-Sound. What appeared at first to be very similar designs revealed great differences upon controlled measurements, listening and testing. Much time was invested in choosing just the right models.

But a great driver does little good without a superbly designed enclosure. Everything about the enclosure affects the performance and sound, from the overall dimensions to the material its made of to the thickness of the baffles and walls. All of these factors and more were tested, measured and fine-tuned until the desired result was achieved. Many of my enclosures feature proprietary Diapasonic Voicing™, internal baffles and chambers that balances the frequency response and voices the system for deep, clear sound -

a Scale Sound Systems exclusive!

By request, I have written a technical paper on sound system design called,

"Concepts and Considerations in Speaker System Design

for Small Scale Model Trains: a Technical White Paper".

You can download the paper here.

My install clients all agree that these are the best sounding speakers they've heard. I myself have enjoyed listening to my own locomotives while operating. Watch the comparison videos and listen to see if a

Scale Sound Systems speaker system is right for you!

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Design: About
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