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I am currently not accepting any new install clients.
The information below is for reference purposes only.

Installations: Headliner

Installation Services

I offer DCC-Sound installation services for nearly any type of installation required. All of my work is clean and tidy, using silver-bearing solder, heat-shrink tubing, Kapton tape, wiring harnesses were required and other best practices.

Review some of the examples below. I have many more install photos in the Photos section of the Facebook page.

Feel free to contact me with your own project.

Prices are for labor only unless noted. Discounted decoder, speaker and parts prices will be given.

Basic HO DCC-Sound Install $80.00

  • Includes installing sound decoder, capacitor w/disconnect, front/rear LED headlights (non-bulb conversions), Scale Sound Systems speaker(s) and basic programming.

Basic N DCC-Sound Install $130.00                                

  • Includes frame/shell modification, installing sound decoder, capacitor, front/rear LED headlights, Scale Sound Systems Cab Enclosure & speaker and basic programming.

Additional Lighting Effects $15.00/each (includes LED)

  • Action lights, flashing beacons, dump lights, separate number boards, etc.

Ditch Light Bulb Conversion $25.00/pair (includes LEDs)

  • Uses factory ditch light housing.

Ditch Lights Added to Model $40.00/pair (includes LEDs)

  • You provide the ditch light housings/castings or they are $4/set from me (when available).

  • Includes any required drilling/painting.

Headlight LED Conversion $20.00/pair (includes LED kit)

  • Assemble and install headlight LED conversion kit for locomotives that have bulbs.

Marker Lights Quoted case by case

  • Single, bicolor or tricolor installations available.

Scale Speed Programming $10.00

  • Locomotives programmed to 1 speed step = 1 scale MPH (required for speed matching).

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