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This is a Rectify Series drop-in speaker system for Athearn Genesis GP7/9/18, GP15-1 and GP15T locomotives. The speaker uses the factory mounting screws and no modifications are needed to replace the factory speaker.


Two versions available depending on your frame:


1 - AHGS-7915-RC1: The original version that fits most all Genesis GP7/9/15 except certain (possibly newer?) runs.


2 - AHGS-7920-RC1: A newer version that fits what may be a revised Athearn design and all of the GP18 models I have seen.


Which version do you need?

If your frame-mount has two, round, protruding posts that fit into holes on the stock speaker/weight, you need the original AHGS-7915 version. If your frame-mount is flat with two screw holes and a smooth bottom on the stock speaker/weight, you need the newer AHGS-7920 version.


I have yet to determine why there are two frame versions, but I have been seeing the second version for a few years now. I originally thought the newer version was "Athearn 2.0" but that is not the case. The "early" version has mounting posts that insert into holes on the speaker/weight and usually has a plastic tab sandwiched between the speaker and frame routing the truck wires. The "newer" version has a flat mount with no plastic wire-guide. There is no known way to tell which version you have by road-name or release date; you'll need to pop your shell and compare to the photos above.


The speaker comes fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are:

AHGS-7915: 16mmH x 18mmW x 39mmL

AHGS-7902:14mmH x 17mmW x 37mmL 



Athearn Genesis GP7/9/18, GP15

SKU: AHGS-7915-RC1
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