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Developed in cooperation with a few Australian modelers, these are Rectify Series drop-in speaker systems for various Auscision locomotives using the 20mmW x 40mmL enclosure. The systems are available in three heights; 8.5mmH, 10mmH and 11.5mmH in two different driver configurations; top-firing and bottom-firing.


In some models, the speakers mount with the screw-tabs at the bottom of the enclosure, such as the AN class using the AUSC-118B, whose frame is too narrow for the enclosure to "sink down" into. For these situations, using the bottom-firing systems is preferred so long as there's about 3mm of clearance above the drive-shaft and/or truck-tower.


In other models, the speakers mount with the screw-tabs at the top with the enclosure sunk into the frame. The Auscision NSWGR 46 Class electric locomotive is configured this way using the AUSC-118T. Even though this model uses the "top-firing" speaker, it is flipped upside-down and firing down toward the track.


Various heights may fit these models as well:

NSW 421 class

NSW 422 class

NSW 43 class

NSW 86 class


NSW V-Set Interurban Passenger

GT46C-ACe (enclosure in the fuel tank)


Since I have no first-hand experience working with Australian models other than the single AN model used in these photos, please note the dimensions and shape of the system in accordance with your particular locomotive. While a little confusing, I hope that by offering these systems in six different variations, one of them will be a perfect fit for your particular model.


The speakers use the factory mounting screws and no modifications should be needed to replace the factory speaker(s). Alternatively, the screw-mount tabs on the sides may be carefully trimmed off if required.


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.



Top-Firing Speakers

AUSC-118T-RC1: 8.5mmH x 20mmW x 40mmL

AUSC-110T-RC1: 10mmH x 20mmW x 40mmL

AUSC-111T-RC1: 11.5mmH x 20mmW x 40mmL



Down-Firing Speakers (height only increased by the driver)

AUSC-118T-RC1: 11mmH x 20mmW x 40mmL

AUSC-110T-RC1: 12.5mmH x 20mmW x 40mmL

AUSC-111T-RC1: 14mmH x 20mmW x 40mmL



Auscision 43, 46, 86, 421, 422, AN, XPT

SKU: AUSC-1100-RC1
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