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These are Rectify Series drop-in speakers for various Bowser locomotives fitted with the 4-screw 16x35 oval speaker or the current #691-1291 dual-cube 16x35 speaker. They will fit all variants of the AS, DRS, RS, S and VO switchers.



The BOWS-UNI1-RC1 is the same 9.5mm height as the stock speaker.

The BOWS-UNI2-RC1 is 12.5mm high to take advantage of the extra headroom some models have.


Note that some Bowser models, such as the SD40-2s, will not accept this speaker since they install it "upside-down". I have specific speakers for those Bowser models. This speaker will work in various other Bowser models that I have specific speakers for - should you choose to go with this option over the model-specific variant.


You may need a 2-pin wiring harness to connect the speaker to the PCB. The Large 2-pin harness can be found in the PARTS section:


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.



BOWS-UNI1: 9.5mmH x 16mmW x 35mm

BOWS-UNI2: 12.5mmH x 16mmW x 35mm

Bowser Universal (AS, DRS, RS, S, VO)

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