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For Broadway Limited E-Units that have two, 30mm speakers firing down over the trucks, two BOWS-F701 speakers will drop-in over top of them. A simple strap of tape over the top will secure them or you can use mounting tape on the bottom of the enclosures. No modifications are required and you simply leave the disconnected stock speakers in place. This will work work whether you keep the stock Paragon decoder OR if you decide to replace the Paragon with a decoder of your choice. If you keep the stock Paragon decoder, unsolder the stock speaker wires and use them for the BOWS-F701 speakers.


Should you so desire, you can remove the entire plastic plate that secures the speakers and install UFIT-30D5 speakers in the stock speaker recesses. This poses no great advantage in sound and requires more effort.


Either speaker configuration will work in both A and B units.


NOTE: earlier run BLI E-units used a totally different electronics and speaker configuration. I have no specific solution mapped out for these yet.

Broadway Limited E-Units

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