The Force Full-range was developed to fit larger tender-mounted installations where the modeler desires a high-fidelity, full-range sound. Based on the Coeval Series of diesel speakers, these systems deliver deep, clear sound and robust 2W power handling. Suitable for the largest HO tenders, these have also proven popular with Sn3 and On30/On3 customers.


Six sizes are available:

STFF-1225: 12mmH x 25mm Square

STFF-1525: 15mmH x 25mm Square

STFF-2025: 20mmH x 25mm Square

STFF-1230: 12mmH x 30mm Square

STFF-1530: 15mmH x 30mm Square

STFF-2030: 20mmH x 30mm Square


The speaker comes fully assembled and tested. Please choose 4Ω (Loksound) or 16Ω (Soundtraxx/TCS) wiring.

Force Full-range


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