LED conversion kits for Athearn RTR/Genesis and other locomotives.


Get rid of the dim, toy-like looking bulbs! These kits feature beautiful looking lenses - lit or unlit - brighter LEDs, smaller resistors with a simple and fast installation!


These LED Conversion kits are a great way to replace the bulbs found in many Athearn, Kato, brass and older production diesels. By using these kits, you can achieve perfect, 100% consistent results with a minimum of bench-time!


This LED conversion kit sample pack includes TEN pairs of LED lightpipe lenses in sizes 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm & 8mm lengths, plus a 2.75 size for EMD wide-cab locomotives and a 4x3 size for some older Athearn models. Also included are three ultra-quality 1206 LEDs of your color temperature choice, two 1KΩ micro 1/4W resistors, 12” of blue wire, 6” each of white & yellow wire and 1mm & 3mm heat shrink pieces.


The assembly/installation guide can be downloaded here: https://www.scalesoundsystems.com/guides

LED Conversion Kit Sample Pack


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