LED Conversion Kits for Athearn F-Unit locomotives and possibly other E, F and Cab-Units.


Get rid of the dim, toy-like looking bulbs that never stay in place! These kits feature beautiful looking lenses - lit or unlit - with a simple and fast installation!


Are you modeling a cab-unit that has twin-sealed-beam headlights? Units with two and three-bulb action lights? If your locomotive came from the factory with single bulbs, here’s your answer!


I have designed reflector-plate fittings that specifically fit the lower door-mounted twin-beam headlights, the upper nose-mounted twin-beam headlights and the upper nose-mounted 2-bulb and 3-bulb action lights. These are most commonly configured as a single, red UDE light over single or dual white action lights, such as a Mars or Gyralite.


These reflector-plates feature fine detail, with bezels, hinge and latch detail molded-in. They come in plain gray and may be painted any color you wish such as chrome or silver. You can even color them with a silver Sharpie® Marker, as shown in the installation photos. The lights have been perfectly scaled to the prototype and may be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on your prototype application.


Individual-position options include:

• Lower door-mounted twin-beam headlight

• Upper nose-mounted twin-beam headlight

• Upper-2-bulb-UDE/action-light

• Upper-3-bulb-UDE/action-light


Dual-position options include:

• Combo: upper-twin-beam+lower-twin-beam

• Combo: two-bulb-action+lower-twin-beam

• Combo: three-bulb-action+lower-twin-beam


Between these four options, you should be able to accurately replicate nearly any prototype arrangement.


The twin-beam kits include the chosen reflector-plate, clear lightpipe lens, pre-wired warm-white LED and 1mm & 3mm heat-shrink pieces.


The UDE/action light kits include the chosen reflector-plate, two clear lightpipe lenses, pre-wired warm-white LED, pre-wired red LED, black styrene divider and 1mm & 3mm heat-shrink pieces.


You can see a video of these in action here: https://youtu.be/F79bkOFGKwc


The assembly/installation guide can be found here: https://www.scalesoundsystems.com/guides

LED Conversion Kits for Cab-Units (Athearn & others)