LED conversion kits for Athearn RTR/Genesis and other locomotives.


Get rid of the dim, toy-like looking bulbs! These kits feature beautiful looking lenses - lit or unlit - brighter LEDs, smaller resistors with a simple and fast installation!


Includes sized front & rear lightpipe lenses, an additional headlight lens (action, cab, nose, etc.) four ultra-quality 1206 LEDs (1 extra) of your color temperature choice, three micro 1/4W 1KΩ resistors, 18” of blue wire, 6” each of white, yellow & green wire and 1mm & 3mm heat shrink pieces. NOTE: I have observed minor differences between model variations, so these lens lengths may not be the 100% perfect length for your given model.


The assembly/installation guide can be downloaded here: https://www.scalesoundsystems.com/guides


Below is a current list of the models available for these three-light kits. If you do not see your locomotive model listed, I recomend you look at the other LED Conversion Kits or purchase the LED Conversion Kit Sample Pack so that you can try all of the lens sizes to see what works best for you.


To order, simply type-in (or copy/paste) the SKU of the locomotive make / model you'd like in the "SKU" field. Only one conversion kit SKU per cart item (you may add multiples of the same kit).


Athearn Genesis FP45 MILW SLCK-3002-087

Athearn Genesis GP9 (NKP) SLCK-3R03-087

Athearn Genesis GP40-2 (w/cab action light) SLCK-7304-087

LED Conversions - Headlights +1


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