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These are Rectify Series drop-in speaker systems for Life-Like Proto 1000 RS-11 locomotives.


Two systems are available for these locomotives:


The LLPR-R11R-RC1 rear-mount system drops-in and provides a slot for the factory rear headlight fitting. A PCB-style decoder can be used with this system.


The LLPR-R11M-RC1 mid-mount system replaces the factory PCB and offers a bigger sound over the smaller rear-mount system. The factory PCB will need to be removed with a micro-sized hardwire decoder installation in the rear.


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are:

Rear-mount: 12mmH x 18mmW x 25mmL

Mid-Mount: 10mmH x 18mmW x 64mmL



Life-Like Proto 1000 RS-11

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