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These are drop-in speakers for the Proto 1000 DL-109 locomotive.


The LLPR-109F is a front-mounted speaker that seats into the chassis and floats over the front drive-shaft, firing down through the truck for enhanced clarity. If choosing only one speaker, this would be the choice.


The LLPR-109R is a rear-mounted speaker that sits in the notch of the chassis above the rear drive-shaft and fires up into the shell for a warmer sound. It combines beautifully with the front speaker for a larger overall sound and greater potential volume if desired.


Both speakers mount with strips of thin mounting tape. No modifications are required to install the speakers. There is room for any kind of decoder install, from a Direct/PNP type to a 21pin or hardwired installation. Room is also left for a stay-alive between the decoder and rear speaker (ESU PowerPack Mini, Soundtraxx CurrentKeeper 1 or TCS KA1 or KA2).



LLPR-109F: 10.5mm H x 26mm W x 34mm L

LLPR-109R: 12mm H x 28mm W x 22mm L

Life-Like Proto 1000 DL-109

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