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These are Rectify Series drop-in speaker systems for Life-Like P2K S1/S3 locomotives. The speaker requires removal of the 1.5 oz. weight and factory PCB. The speakers mount using the factory screws used to hold the weight in place.


Two versions are available:


The original LLPR-S1S3-RC1 is a long speaker that uses the screw-mounts on both the front and motor-mount positions. This speaker requires use of a small hard-wired decoder.


The LLPR-S13S-RC1 is a new, shorter version that uses the front screw-mount and hovers over the truck. A LokSound 58921 Direct w/PowerPack decoder can then be mounted to the motor with mounting-tape.


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.



LLPR-S1S3-RC1: 10.5mmH x 16mmW x 50mmL

LLPR-S13S-RC1: 10.5mmH x 16mmW x 29.5mmL



Life-Like Proto 2000 S1/S3

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