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This board makes for super-easy 21-pin decoder installs from vendors such as ESU, SoundTraxx, and TCS!


Now a 21-pin-friendly board replaces the standard DCC 8-pin loco motherboard and easily allows taking full advantage of all the functions and features of the latest new feature-rich decoders. The benefits of this new Decoder Buddy (DB) board include:


1. Fits 21-pin decoders from TCS, SoundTraxx, ESU and Digitrax

2. 10-pin socket and plug with wire-outs for all 21-pin decoder functions

3. 10-pin plug fully removable for easy separation of loco shell and chassis

4. On board 1KΩ resistors for LED lighting provided

5. On board soldering pads for stay-alive or ESU PowerPack

6. Older 8-pin loco motherboard weaknesses solved with Decoder Buddy


Connections for 12 Lighting Functions!

Depending on your DCC decoder manufacturer up to 12 lighting functions are available with amply sized soldering pads for your LED leads for easy decoder installation !


Connections for a Stay Alive of Your Choice

Two pads are available for connecting a stay alive to keep your model trains running smoothly!



55mm Long x 16.5mm Wide

Seated decoder height varies from around 6.5mm High (WOW) to 8.5mm High (Soundtraxx).

Nix Trainz Decoder Buddy V5 1K Motherboard

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