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Scale Sound Systems is pleased to announce a new lighting detail for your HO locomotives!


Differing in prototype variation from the Details West pilot-mount ditch-lights, these pilot-mounted ditch-lights are available in two variations;


• Bracket-mounted

• Direct-mounted


I designed these to facilitate converting a large fleet of FEC locomotives which utilize this specific ditch-light design. Other prototypes used them as well. The prototype FEC installed the bracket-mounted lights on the front while the direct-mount lights were installed on the rear.


Designed using prototype measurements, these are quite possibly the most detailed ditch-lights available in HO scale. While my photos do not do them justice, much of the detail shown in the 3D rendering is visible to the naked eye (provided your eye-sight is good enough). This includes two-part hinge detail on one side, the bolted-clasp on the other, three counter-sunk screws around the lens-casing and bolt-heads in the four corners of the brackets.


The ditch-lights feature an internal bevel that the lenses rest on, ensuring your lenses drop-in and seat perfectly every time! Room is provided behind the lens to fully insert a forward-facing 0402 LED, providing bright light-output without having the LED hanging off the back of the ditch-light.


The ditch-lights come in a light gray color ready to paint. I find using a silver Sharpie marker provides a fast, easy and nice looking finish to the light housings. Paint the interior of the lights using chrome paint with a micro brush to help prevent “glow” when lit-up. Paint the housing to match your prototype’s color, then use the silver Sharpie to blot around the top, coloring the lens-casing silver. Of course, some prototypes painted them all one color to match the pilot.


Once the castings are painted, nip them from the sprues and install. Use a bit of CA, Kristal Kleer, canopy glue or clear tacky-glue to secure the lenses. Apply a bit of adhesive to the 0402 LEDs and slide them in from behind. Once dry, finish off with some additional glue to fill-in any open spaces around the LED and paint the back-side black to prevent rear-facing light leakage.


Each kit includes one pair of your chosen ditch-light type and three lenses. Kits may be ordered with or without pre-wired warm-white 0402 LEDs.


Download the assembly guide from the "Guides" page or here:

Pilot-mount Ditch-lights (HO)

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