This is a Rectify Series drop-in speaker system for Rapido FL9 locomotives. No modifications are required to replace the factory speaker. I used double-sided carpet tape to adhere the speaker to the chassis.


The speaker comes fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are: 16mmH x 30mmW x 31mmL


With all due respect for Rapido, the sound file on these locomotives was not their best effort. The file sounds low-resolution, with a grainy and distorted sound. The Hancock air-whistle has unneeded low-frequency modulation that causes low-profile drivers to distort. Even some of the ESU Hancock recordings have this issue. Rapido FL9s that do not use the Hancock whistle should not pose any issues.


With that said, the video below is “unlisted” and not publicly searchable. I took recordings of the Rapido sound-file through the stock speaker and the RAPO-FL9X-RC1 speaker at default volumes. You will hear the speaker crackling from the Hancock whistle. Without changing anything else, I then loaded the ESU Select file #75411 to the decoder with that file’s Hancock whistle selected. You’ll be able to compare the prime-mover sound between the Rapido and ESU files. The ESU file is considerably louder than the Rapido file, so I turned the master volume down to about half and reduced the Hancock volume to 90. It is my personal opinion that the ESU file sounds better, even if it is not as 100% accurate as the Rapido file. I expect Rapido will issue a new and better file for the FL9s with Loksound 5, if they’ve not already done so.



Rapido FL9