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This is a Rectify Series drop-in speaker system for Rapido LRC locomotives. No modifications are required to replace the factory speakers. These speaker fit into the spaces in front of and behind the motherboard. I simply nip the wires from the stock speakers leaving the stock speakers in place, slip the Scale Sound Systems speakers down over the drive-shafts and solder the wires on. You can use a little double-sided mounting tape on the speaker's feet to secure them to the floor.


Two speaker systems are available:


The RAPO-LRCR-RC1 mounts in the rear position, just behind the motherboard. If only choosing one speaker, this is the one to use.


The RAPO-LRCF-RC1 mounts in the front position, just behind the cab. Adding this speaker improves sound localization and overall quality and volume potential.


These speakers are MUCH louder than the stock speakers. You will need to turn the master volume down. As demonstrated in the video, the stock speakers at volume level 180 are STILL quieter than the Scale Sound Systems speakers with the volume set to 120.


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are:


RAPO-LRCR-RC1: 26mmH x 20mmW x 15mmL

RAPO-LRCF-RC1: 19mmH x 20mmW x 11mmL



Rapido LRC

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