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Scale Trains Universal #2


This is a drop-in speaker for all Scale Trains locomotives that use the 3-screw mount. This speaker features Diapasonic Tuning™ and provides a deeper, clearer, smoother sound with more detail over the stock speakers.


The models that use the 3-screw mount include:


EMD SD40T-2 Tunnel Motor

GE Dash-9 (1st-run, maybe others)


The tunnel motor can accept a UFIT-9120 front-mount speaker should you desire.


All of the other models and some of the Dash-9s use the 4-screw mount speaker, available as my SXTH-UNI1-RC1. The first-run of Dash-9s used this 3-screw speaker, while some later runs used the 4-screw speaker. It is recommenced that you take a peak at your Dash-9’s speaker to ensure you order the correct one. In the event that you do not order the correct mount, the screw-tabs can be nipped-off (do not break-off) and the enclosure secured into the locomotive with a bit of double-sided adhesive.


Note that some of the stock sound-files do not have a very strong low-frequency response. While these speakers WILL improve the depth of sound and overall sound-quality, they cannot produce bass when there is no bass to be reproduced; they can only better reproduce what they’re being fed. Sometimes loading a different sound-file (noting the function programming SXT uses) will result in a more enjoyable sound.


The speaker comes fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions: 12.5mmH x 16mmW x 25mmL



SD40T-2 Tunnel Motor:


Scale Trains Universal #2

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