The Steam-Tweeters are a range of cylindircal micro systems designed to fit in the smallest of spaces. Suitable for use in smoke-boxes, boilers, cabs or even as an additional speaker in the tender to bring out more clarity of sound. Some of these systems may even fit well in HO narrow-gage or N scale steam locomotives.


Three systems are available in the following sizes:

Micro: 9mm Diameter x 16mmL x 8mmH

Medium: 11mm Diameter x 15mmL x 9.5mmH

Large: 11mm Diameter x 20mmL x 9.5mmH


If used in conjunction with a tender-mounted speaker, be sure to know that speaker's impedence and wire accordingly. Soundtraxx and TCS are best suited with 8Ω and higher speaker loads, while Loksound is happy with 4Ω and higher speaker loads. Shown is a series-wiring diagram using a 4Ω tender-mounted speaker along with a Steam-Tweeter or Boiler-Barker.


These are 8Ω, 1W systems and come fully assembled and tested.