These are Rectify Series drop-in speakers for pre-sound era Stewart C-628 locomotives. More than just a box, the enclosure features Diapasonic Tuning™, which allows the lower frequencies to accurately develop and resonate, clears the midrange of excess resonance and tunes the upper-mid/high response. The speakers use the stock motherboard screws to mount to the "towers" and other than removal of the stock PCB, no modifications are needed to install the speaker.


Utilizing both the rear-mount and front-mount speakers, room is left for just about any decoder style, including LokSound Direct, Tsunami PNP, 21-pin+motherboard or hardwired. Additionally, room is available for a stay-alive should one be desired. The forthcoming LokSound Direct with built-in PowerPack will be too long if using the front-mount speaker.


If choosing one speaker, the rear-mount will provide the biggest, deepest sound but the front-mount will likely localize the sound to a better location (at the cost of some bass). Ideally, both together will maximize the enjoyment.


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are:

STEW-62R-RC1 rear-mount: 19mmH x 17mmW x 40mmL

STEW-62F-RC1 front-mount: 19mmH x 17mmW x 26mmL



Stewart ALCo C-628