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These kits allow the modeler to add accurately-scaled strobe lights to their locomotives. While designed with the Chessie and WM modeler in mind, they are applicable to various CSX locomotives and may prove useful for other prototypes and freelance applications.


These kits are also sold by Steel Valley Models, who manufactures a broad range of decals and other parts suitable for the Chessie modeler. You can visti them at


Designed from the ground-up using a combination of measurements taken from remaining prototypes and dimensions extrapolated from photos, these fine-scale strobe kits can be lit with 0402 LEDs or fiber-optics or left unlit should the modeler choose.


Prototype Chessie and WM photos indicate a variety of both mounting-bracket and strobe-height styles used across the fleet. With that in mind, the kits may be ordered with a pair of five different mounting-bracket types and include up to three different strobe-heights as follows:


  • Bare-mounts (CSX): used on ex-Chessie GP40-2’s 4145-4148, CSX numbers 6045-6048 (no strobes included)
  • Enclosed-mounts: used on Chessie GP40-2’s, numbers 4145-4148 (these mounts only include the accurate short strobes)
  • Large L-mount: found on GP35s, GP40s and SD35s (includes pairs of all three strobe-heights)
  • Small L-mount: found on GP35s, GP40s and SD35s (includes pairs of all three strobe-heights)
  • GP9 L-mount: commonly seen on WM & Chessie GP9s (includes pairs of all three strobe-heights)


  • Short-height Strobe: used with enclosed bracket Chessie numbers 4145-4148 and others
  • Medium-height Strobe: used variously per prototype
  • Tall-height Strobe: used variously per prototype


The modeler should consult photos of the prototype being replicated to decide which bracket type and strobe height should be applied.


The enclosed mounts have accurately positioned bolt-heads on the front sides. Except for the bare-mounts, all of the mounts feature a mounting-ring that can be painted gray/silver to represent the strobe’s mounting cradle (a silver Sharpie marker works well for this). The mounts come in “primer-gray” and will need to be painted by the modeler. No prep is needed before painting. The strobes are translucent-clear and look good lit or unlit.


Each kit is supplied with an extra strobe in case of loss. Kits with LEDs include two pre-wired 0402 bright-white LEDs to accurately represent the bright-white strobe look.


To order, choose which bracket type you want and wether you want LEDs or not.

Strobe Lights for WM/Chessie/CSX

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