The Universal Micro-Range Rectify Series speaker systems come in a selection of tiny sizes suitable for many applications.


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are:

UFIT-1839-087 9mmH x 13mmW x 18mmL

UFIT-1869-087 9mmH x 16mmW x 18mmL


UFIT-1831-087 11mmH x 13mmW x 18mmL

UFIT-1861-087 11mmH x 16mmW x 18mmL


UFIT-1833-087 13mmH x 13mmW x 18mmL

UFIT-1863-087 13mmH x 16mmW x 18mmL


UFIT-1835-087 15mmH x 13mmW x 18mmL

UFIT-1865-087 15mmH x 16mmW x 18mmL

Universal Micro-Range


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