The Universal Round-Range Rectify Series drop-in speaker systems come in a selection of circular sizes. You can use these for applications that I do not offer a specific design for.


The speakers come fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are:

UFIT-27D9-RC1: 27mmDia x 9mmH

UFIT-27D2-RC1: 27mmDia x 12mmH

UFIT-27D5-RC1: 27mmDia x 15mmH

UFIT-27D8-RC1: 27mmDia x 18mmH

UFIT-30D9-RC1: 30mmDia x 9mmH

UFIT-30D2-RC1: 30mmDia x 12mmH

UFIT-30D5-RC1: 30mmDia x 15mmH

UFIT-30D8-RC1: 30mmDia x 18mmH

Universal Round-Range