These are Rectify Series drop-in speaker system for Walthers Proto (and late-P2K) SW8/9/1200 locomotives. The speaker mounts over the front truck and requires removal of the factory PCB. A Nix Trainz Decoder Buddy Mini with Loksound or TCS 21-pin decoder can be used (Soundtraxx 21-PNEM is too tall) or a hard-wired decoder installation. For early-run Life-Like branded P2K SW8/9/1200s, see item #LLPR-1200-RC1.


Two versions of this speaker are available:


1) The short speaker leaves room for a TCS KA2 in front of the speaker, between the speaker and LED headlight mount. SKU: WLPR-812S-RC1


2) The large speaker requires removing the LED headlight mount and using an SM-LED attached to the speaker front for the headlight. With careful placement above the rear fly-wheel, a KA2 can be installed in the shell. SKU: WLPR-812S-RC1


The speaker comes fully assembled and tested.


Dimensions are:

WLPR-812S-RC1: 10mmH x 21mmW x 26mmL

WLPR-812L-RC1: 10mmH x 21mmW x 38mmL


The speaker comes fully assembled and tested.



Walthers Proto SW9/1200